About BearlyN

Why BearlyN?

  • ...If I had a totem animal, it would be the bear. I run away from the hustle and bustle, I find my balance in solitude, I am deeply attached to the place where I live, to my land...Then I am a grouch. A little. So I searched for a name revolving around the bear, "bear" in English...and which is not already registered. Since my Instagram ID was bearly_N, which I didn't want to change (no, because I don't like change!!!!), sometimes, you shouldn't try to complicate things.
  • So ther you go, I'm a bear.

How It all began?

  • It all started with a crazy idea; stain the back of a glass cabochon with one of my favorite nail polish and glue it on a simple small support. I had just made myself a pendant...
  • Little by little, I looked for ways to crimp these cabochons, and I became interested in the Bead Embroidery technique, a needle bead setting and embroidery technique of Native American origin. Patiently, I began to embroider cuff bracelets, then necklaces, pendants, to infuse my personality into Unique Piecesfor a very Couture style...and with character!
  • Under the encouragement of those around me, I took the plunge. I registered at the Chambre des Métiers and joined the great family of Creators. I opened an online store in May 2016 to sell my handcrafted jewelry pieces.
  • At the beginning of 2017, I joined the association La Maison des Artisans d'Art de Loir-et-Cher, a real opportunity to exchange and progress with other art professionals.
  • En 2019, mon engagement pour la valorisation des Métiers d’Art me mène à rejoindre l’Association d’Artisanat d’Art de Loir-et-Cher, association qui organise le Salon des Métiers d’Art de Blois. J’en suis aujourd’hui la vice-présidente.
  • In 2019, the Chambre des Métiers de Loir-et-Cher awards me the title of Artisan d'ArtArtisan d’art

How do I proceed?

  • Still today, I realize most of my cabochons, sometimes I add a natural stone, a cabochon in sculpted bone, metal elements, exotic leathers, to associate the precious and the rough ... All the elements that compose my embroideries are patiently collected. Some come from far away; United States, Bali,...
  • Stones and cabochons are set with pearls. I use Miyuki beads, Japanese beads known for their finesse and regularity. Well qualified, they guarantee the regularity of my rows. Then, I come to cover the embroidery spaces, it is then a matter of composing with the colors, shapes and sizes of the beads. For an impeccable outfit, I never embroider more than 2 beads at the same time, and each bead receives at least 2 passages of thread. It is a long work of patience and rigor; a dozen hours for a cuff bracelet, nearly a hundred for a bib necklace.
  • Finally, I double my leather pieces (France), for a pleasant contact with the skin. The lining is then signed BearlyN by hot stamping. A last row of pearls fixes the lining and dresses the edge of my jewelry for a nice finish.
  • Each jewel is a unique creation, made with the greatest care in my small workshop. This workshop, I wanted to open it through this blog in order to share my creations and my universe.

Titles & Awards

BearlyN a reçu le titre d'artisan d'artArtisan d’Art depuis 2019

Titre décerné par la CMA41



  • Participation au Concours Régional Ateliers d’Art de France en 2020
  • 2ème au Prix Départemental des Métiers d’Art en 2019, sur le thème Renaissances
  • 2ème au Prix Départemental des Métiers d’Art en 2018, sur le thème Création

A propos de l’Atelier

Mon atelier se situe à l’étage de ma maison; pas de métro, pas d’embouteillages: juste une volée de marches à gravir!

Situé à l’intérieur de mon domicile, ce dernier n’est pour le moment pas accessible au public.


Choisir les Métiers d’Art

Les Métiers d’Art mettent en étroite relation la main et la matière, la tradition et la modernité. Ils sont l’héritage d’une longue histoire de gestes , tout en s’adaptant à l’esthétique actuelle et aux matières contemporaines.

Faire confiance à un professionnel des métiers d’art, c’est opter pour des matières soigneusement sélectionnées, un savoir-faire patiement acquis et des créations  réalisées avec enthousiasme!


    Vous trouverez sur ce site des pièces finies et prêtes à l’envoi, mais bien sûr, je me ferai un plaisir d’étudier avec vous la création d’une pièce selon vos souhaits.

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